Spring Fling Flower Arch
Spring Fling Flower Arch Spring Fling Flower Arch


Introducing removable and reusable wallpaper arches

No more need for the messy painting of arches when you can simply pop on a removable one! For that super trendy look! Now in great designs too! 

Our Spring Fling design is full of stunning spring time hues to make your space feel bright and happy all year round!

Our Single arches come in the following sizes: 
- Standard drop (Two pieces): 2m high x 1m wide 
- Luxe drop (Single piece): 2m high x 1m wide 
- Standard drop (Two pieces): 1.5m high x 1.2m wide 
- Luxe drop (Single piece):1.5m high x 1.2m wide 
- 73cm high x 60cm wide (Single piece)

To view the available colours for each product, please view the included gallery.

Please keep in mind that not all screens are created equal, so the colour you see on your screen, may vary slightly from the final printed product.

Once printed colour is also changed by its surroundings; light colour, shadow, wall colour, carpets etc. Please always order a sample first to see how the colour will work in your space.

Please also be aware that pieces in a collection are made in a range of complimentary tones. They are not intended to be a perfect match to other pieces within the same collection but they are intended to work together to create a stunning space.



How to install your wallpaper:

1. Prep the wall. 
2. Peel the fabric from its backing sheet. 
3. Stick to the wall and smooth. 
4. Line up the seam with a 1cm overlap to the next panel & repeat. 
5. To remove simply peel back slowly.

It's just like a big sticker! If you make a mistake you simply peel back and start again. If the wallpaper accidentally sticks to itself during installation you simply pull it apart and continue on as normal.

Super easy to DIY with two people!