Hey there, 👋🏻

My name is Shannon, and I am the founder and artist behind this little nursery art brand named Isla Dream. 

Growing up with a passion for Disney, enchanted characters, and anything that sparkled-my creative journey began with makeup and face paint. Using these mediums to create whimsical looks on my clients at any given opportunity, and observing the excited reactions of children I had painted at events, I have always loved sharing my creativity with others. 

After the birth of my second child Isla, I decided to move from skin to paper and create my own little fairytale- this is when Isla Dream started to come to life. 

All my artwork is hand drawn by myself in Sydney Australia, and printed on luxurious quality papers and fabric. I am passionate about providing my customers with high quality products that can be treasured for many years and handed down through generations. 

My characters are designed to add comfort, joy and magic to your children’s bedrooms and lives. Their little smiles and reactions are what keep me creating- every image received is sincerely treasured! 

Thankyou for supporting my small business and dream, none of this is possible without you x