Decorating a nursery for the first (second, third) time is such a joyful part of the anticipation when expecting a baby! There is so much to consider when designing a room for your child to sleep in, and in terms of decor, soo many products available that it’s often hard to know where to start! 

A blank wall is a canvas for decoration

At Isla Dream prints, we aim to transform boring blank walls into dreamy, whimsical masterpieces your children can cherish for years to come! Even if you rent, our decals are made from a high quality fabric that is removable and safe for walls -so no child needs to miss out on the magic!

The whimsical collections of artworks within the Isla Dream Prints range, offer endless themes and calming colour palettes to work with. A baby learns to focus within the first few months of their life. Creating a captivating scene across their nursery walls won’t only conjure a beautiful sight for you,  but will be a welcoming sight for your baby to focus on and fall in love with as they grow. 

Capture a sweet, calming atmosphere with characters of charm

Characters aren’t just for story books and nursery rhymes. They can create an adorable feature on a child’s bedroom wall, encouraging play and inspiring imaginations. A display of characters such as these ballerinas, unicorns, dragons or mermaids can offer a faraway escape in the confines of the family home. Nursery prints and decals don’t have to be bold and bright, they can be soft and gentle to create a delicate balance of reality awareness and faraway imaginings.

Nursery prints and decals can tie your child’s interests into their room

As a child gets older, nursery art allows for their interests to feature in their room, bringing a sense of connection and comfort. If your daughter loves ballet for example, a ballerina print on the wall could really bring a smile to your little dancer and bring their area to life. 

Once your nursery colour scheme is chosen, prints and decals are the perfect element to help bring the nursery together. Wall illustrations can add interest to the room, interweaving colours to create a balanced space.

The enchanted Isla Dream prints collection of characters will certainly set the scene for little imaginations to run wild.

Some of our prints and decals work particularly well together such as the Ava and Rose prints which have been carefully designed to match these fabric butterfly decal perfectly to create a gorgeously cohesive look.

Fabric wall decals are much stronger than stickers, they can be removed without damage and are perfect for those renting. Start with your desired colour palette and work your way to the finer details using Isla Dream Prints to bring your dream nursery to life!

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